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Are you a victim of Greenwashing?

Brian Harrison

Posted on November 29 2018

The emergence of an ever-growing consumer trend of choosing organic, environmentally friendly and chemical free products has unfortunately led to the emergence of deceptive marketing practices. Some companies try to use eco-friendly, organic terms or traits, to market and sell their products when in reality the product is not honestly environmentally friendly nor indeed organic.  This practice is called 'Greenwashing 'and we should all be on our guard when it comes to product/brand selection.

Greenwashing image

There are many products that use fake labels or deceptive terms such as 'Green' or ' Organic Wear' or have even created their own environmental program and label without further explanation. These all give an impression of third-party endorsement or certification where really none exists and has misled consumers into purchasing products that do not deliver on environmental claims.  

At Viva Tree we are constantly trying to make consumers aware that they need to be more vigilant and actively seek brands that have taken the time and committed to the expense of gaining certifications from internationally recognized bodies. You don't have to buy your products from us, although we hope you do, but we just ask that you be more vigilant.  The more people that become aware of this and make educated brand selection choices the better it is for the companies that have attained certification which in turns leads to accelerated progress towards sustainability and a reduction in market share for products with illegitimate claims. 

The next time you are visiting an online store or retail store, take a few minutes to study the labels and claims of items such as personal care, household cleaning products or organic clothing to see if they have been certified by bodies such as Cosmos, Ecocert or GOTS. You may be surprised!

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