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Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton Clothes for Your Baby

Brian Harrison

Posted on May 24 2018

In between crazy schedules looking after the home and for a lot of mums and dads holding down a job, busy parents are constantly bombarded with marketing messages that are often confusing and misleading. Viva Tree aims to give practical advice so that you, the family ‘gate-keeper’ are armed with the knowledge to make the right decisions to safe-guard your family’s health and welfare.

Below are some of the reasons why choosing organic cotton baby clothes may be one such serious option:

Save Money

While it's true organic cotton clothes can cost more than conventional cotton garments, in the long-run you will save money. Since organic cotton fibers have not been treated with chemicals such as bleaches, dyes, etc. they do not break down as easily as fibers which underwent chemical processing. This is why they last longer and do not start deteriorating just after a few washes. Accordingly, you do not have to buy as many outfits for baby as you would normally do with clothing made from non-organic material.

Reduces rashes and allergic reactions

When conventional cotton leaves the field, traces of many of the pesticides used to grow it remain in the fibers themselves. These chemicals could be absorbed through your baby’s skin and can cause allergies, rashes, respiratory problems and can even lead to cancers later in life. Babies are also prone to chewing their clothes and at the same time potentially ingest these same poisonous chemicals.

Super-soft feel and touch to the body

Organic cotton feels softer because it is free of scratchy impurities and harsh chemicals, which could irritate your baby’s skin. In many cases it is also more durable because the fibers are not broken down with harsh chemicals.


Did you know that a baby’s skin is paper thin? It’s especially sensitive during the first year. A baby’s skin starts out thinner, has less pigment, and doesn’t regulate temperature as well as the skin of bigger kids and adults. It takes about a year for that epidermis to get up to speed and function effectively.

10-20% of babies are born with eczema (atopic dermatitis) who need extra protection and careful product selection.

Many other types of inflammatory skin conditions are also part of the eczema family. One such example is contact dermatitis, which is caused by direct contact with substances such as cosmetics, detergents, perfumes, and a host of other allergens and substances.

GOTS Certified

Viva Tree only endorses clothes for your precious ones with garments carrying the GOTS certification - The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic label. It’s recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles (clothing, home textiles, and personal care products) made from 95% certified organic, non-GMO produced raw materials that have no toxic dyes or finishes.

Companies with GOTS certification must follow a strict environmental criteria and social criteria for operations along the entire textile supply chain. So additionally, as a consumer of organic cotton, you will be promoting the importance of ethical production and help organic cotton farms grow.

The more need there is for organic cotton, the stronger we can work towards ensuring that non-organic cotton will no longer succeed in the baby clothes or any fashion industry for that matter.

Together with Viva Tree we all can be part of the movement to make this happen. Whereas in the meantime we protect our loved ones by choosing organic cotton clothing.

Article by Viva Tree.

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