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The Silent Killers We Have Invited into Our Home

Brian Harrison

Posted on May 24 2018

Quite often the first areas which come to mind when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle revolve around diet and exercise. Whilst these are critical components of healthy living many of us forget about the products that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. We're talking about the household cleaners that are lurking under your sink and in your laundry area and are typically filled with harmful chemicals and toxins that may be causing illness rather than preventing it.

This is of particular importance to parents of infants and toddlers as it is from the age of just three months that children start to put their hands in their mouths. It is our precious little ones that pick up these chemicals as they naturally do things such as crawl on the floor, put toys (and many other things) into their mouths, lick windows and eat with their hands.

According to the US National Capital Poison Center children younger than 6 years comprised nearly half of poison exposures (46.4%), followed by adults (39.0%), then teens (7.7%). Household cleaning products were found to be the second largest source of chemical exposure in children under 6 years old, just behind cosmetics and personal care items.

Table 1 Source of chemical exposure (Ref. USNCPC)

You just need to read the labels on these products and you will likely see words such as Caution, Toxic, Warning and Danger and when it comes to the ingredients, it's a long list of toxic chemicals. It is fumes from these chemicals that we and our families inhale from our bedding as we sleep and our clothing during the day. We absorb them as we walk bare-footed through our homes and ingest them when they are attached to food items or utensils.

Viva Tree’s solution is to source products from companies who are environmentally aware and go out of their way to supply natural, organic, non-animal products that will do us no harm. Reduce your families exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and stop inviting these silent killers into your home by switching to certified natural origin laundry detergents and household cleaners.

Article by Viva Tree

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