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Why Choose Certified Organic Unscented Skin Care?

Gary Cumper

Posted on March 29 2019

Whether you hate added fragrance or simply cannot use scented products on your skin type, here at Viva Tree, we have organic skin care to suit every skin type and concern. One of those is sensitive skin — I often get a lot of questions about the best options for very sensitive skin types, so I am very happy that we now have some fantastic gentle, unscented skin care for you and your little ones.

Why not just buy fragrance free? Well, strong scents can be hard on the noses of anyone with a fragrance sensitivity or can really irritate very sensitive skin and produce an allergic response, so some people incorrectly choose to buy fragrance free. However, fragrance free does not mean there is no smell to the product, it means no artificial fragrance has been added so it could still have a strong smell of its raw ingredients, therefore unscented products are probably a better choice.

Unscented skin care products also leave out the additional scents or ingredients which give regular products their enticing smell and tend to have either a neutral smell or a small smell of its natural ingredients. However, some unscrupulous brands add masking agents to neutralise any smell and will likely contain phthalates that are known hormone disruptors and can affect fertility in both men and women. Therefore, by choosing an organic product that has been certified by a reputable independent process, you will know that it does not contain these dangerous chemical masking agents.

Unscented Organic Skin Care – Certified!
Best Baby Oil

Some of the best unscented products we’ve been able to research are from NAVEEN. All our Naveen products are certified by the world’s most respected certification body, COSMOS.
Perfect for babies of all ages top to bottom, cheeks to cheeks, NAVEEN's Organic Baby Comforting Oil is a clean blend of nutrient-rich, calming herbs with no nut oils that nurtures and protects your baby’s skin. Perfect for sensitive little noses and ideal for massage, nappy rash, eczema, cradle cap or dry skin. Suitable for grown-ups too!

Best Baby Lotion

Perfect for babies of all ages and for grown-ups too, NAVEEN's Unscented Baby Lotion uses only the most nourishing organic oils and butters to moisturize and protect sensitive, delicate skin. Perfect for your little ones and helps soothe dry skin, eczema, acne, nappy and skin rashes.

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