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About Us

Support, Balance & Sustain Wellness

At Viva Tree, we believe happiness starts with health and wellness and that constant exposure to over-processed foods, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals in everyday products has left us craving a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. It was out of this shared belief that Viva Tree was born and the reason why two friends, each on their own journey to improve their family’s wellness, came together to help make it simple and easy to identify and select high quality trusted products.

If you’re with us on that then Viva Tree is here to help support, balance and sustain your transition to living a healthier lifestyle by providing:

  • A platform of carefully selected products from our growing network of trusted partners. 
  • A trusted supply chain. We perform rigorous due diligence on our partners products and their supply chain to ensure they are what they claim to be, enabling you to be confident you are buying safe, high quality products for your family. We will always favor products that have been independently tested by third party experts such as Ecocert and GOTS and where the company strives to support the communities that produce their goods or ingredients.
  • An online shopping experience that removes the headache and confusion of wading through multiple brands of the same product; eliminates the worry over authenticity of ingredients and their composition from poor labeling
  • A common sense approach to the dangers of certain product groups and offering practical, safer alternatives.
  • A resource of current wellness articles, reports and industry views allowing you to make informed and confident choices.
  • Training programs and seminars which support you through your wellness journey and provide you with the opportunity to meet others searching for products which harness the benefits of naturally sourced ingredients from mother Earth.

Through our own experiences it became clear that natural foods, household and personal care items free of harmful chemicals along with ‘plant juices’ (commonly known as essential oils) can be powerful weapons in the mission to support the health of our family and friends, hence our mission statement:

Supporting your body’s journey back into balance and sustaining its wellness through education and purposeful living.

We look forward to you joining the Viva Tree family and supporting your journey.

The Viva Tree team