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Our Partners

Baby Hero is a boutique children's clothing brand founded by Mums who wanted to provide long-lasting clothes with chemical-free organic fabric whilst ensuring ethical practices were implemented throughout their company. Their products are made not only to protect the health of our children but also to protect our planet and help those less fortunate whilst ensuring the men and women who make their products are fairly treated. Baby Hero is a truly amazing company whose cozy and comfy product range is available in a variety of fun designs and are all made from Organic Cotton. Click here to read more about Baby Hero.



To date, NAVEEN is the first and only Cosmos Organic and Halal Certified Personal Care company in Asia. Offering a diverse range of personal care products for the whole family, their products are specially formulated to tailor to the skin, scalp and hair types of all members of the family, ranging from babies to adults. All NAVEEN products have received Cosmos Organic Certification by the British Soil Association and Halal Certification by the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association. Click here to read more about NAVEEN.


Buds Organics (Buds) offer a diverse range of personal care and household products packed with wonderful natural and organic active ingredients that are completely free from animal testing. Originally created for the well being of babies but beneficial to the whole family, all Buds products have been certified by Ecocert to ensure they are they are safe for babies, kids and adults alike. (see detailed information about Ecocert below). Their range includes products free from harmful chemicals that are designed for the sensitive skins of our precious babies, gentle and nurturing for Mums and Mums-to-be and safer for us all in the cleanliness of our household. Click here to read more about Buds Organics.